How Long Does It Takes To Install Air Conditioning?

Every Installation is unique and therefore installation time vary. The installation time depends on things like location, the number of units connected, length of pipework and access considerations. Also, if an existing system needs to be removed, this will add a couple of hours to the job.

However, the usual completion time for one system to be installed is between 4 - 8 hours, so comfortably within a day.

There are a number of stages to the installation, set out below for information.

1) Preparing the work site and understanding the project requirements

2) Mounting the indoor and outdoor parts of the air conditioning system in the desired locations and ensuring that they can be reached for future work

3) Connecting the indoor and outdoor units using refrigeration grade copper tube and insulation

4) Installing the interconnecting control and electrical circuits

5) Installing drains or a pump to remove the condensation which is formed during the cooling process

6) Connecting to a mains electrical supply

7) Pressure testing to ensure the strength of the pipework and to check for leaks

8) Evacuating the air from the system and introducing refrigerant to enable the cooling process

9) Test running and Commissioning to ensure correct operation

8) Finally, the work site will then be cleared and cleaned, ready for the customer to make full use of their new system.


Our Engineers will then ensure that the system is working effectively and the customer has been shown how to use the system and that they are satisfied with the completed installation.

The customer will be provided with an information pack including contact details, instructions, features and information regarding Maintenance and warranty.