Air Conditioning for Conservatory

Conservatory Air Conditioner

Imagine have comfortable use of your Conservatory, even on the hottest Summer or coldest Winter's day. Making use of the extra space in you Conservatory all year round can be a reality.

Modern air conditioning systems are extremely quiet and energy efficient and can provide heating and cooling all year round.

We can select the perfect system for you, depending on your preferences. Whether you like the wall mounted or floor mounted systems, we will have the right combination for you.

Popular ranges for Conservatories are the Midea Blanc & AG Series Wall Mounted systems or the Low Wall Console type and increasingly the Mitsubishi Electric "Zen" and "Premium" Series.

Design Considerations...

When designing a system for a Conservatory it is important to consider where the air conditioning unit is located and the use of the space in question. Heat losses are typically greater per square metre than in other rooms due to the glass panels used in a typical Conservatory construction.

Ideally, we would choose an external wall if possible as it allows a smart looking installation with no visible services. The other consideration is avoiding draughts over seating areas where possible.

Concealed systems are rarely and option for most Conservatories, however, some buildings, particularly new buildings may have space to accommodate this kind of system.

Conservatory Air Conditioning Installations
Air Conditioning For Conservatories
Low Wall Installations For Conservatories
Modern Systems For Air Conditioning
Low Wall Console Type
It doesn't have to be boring ! Zen & Premium from Mitsubishi Electric
Discrete External Units For Conservatories
Low Wall Installations For Conservatories
Discrete External Unit
Low Wall - Great for Living Space

Increasingly popular for Conservatories, where visual impact is important, are the Low Wall types. These are similar to a traditional radiator, installed at low level and there are a number of styles available, these can be useful if wall space is limited.


Noise can be a big consideration for any Living Space, fortunately most modern systems are whisper quiet and have "Silent" or "Sleep" modes which further reduce fan noise so that you can watch the TV, read or listen to your favourite tracks undisturbed. In addition, many now come with timers and WiFi interfaces so that you can program the system to turn on and off at a predetermined time. Those with WiFi have the added benefit that you can operate them remotely from your mobile phone, giving you control from anywhere.

Price Range

A typical Conservatory system will start from £1497.00 installed, depending on your choices and installation requirement. See our information explaining the factors that can affect pricing.

Interested in finding out more? Why not discuss your requirements with one of our Specialists by calling 01795 390190 or request for a Call Back?

Air Conditioning BENEFITS


Want a peaceful night without the windows open in the Summer? The 'sleep' mode will give you the best night sleep you deserve. 


Working from home or have a lot to do? A breeze of fresh air will do the job, making you power through your tasks.


Air Conditioning will take control of your humidity levels. This will reduce mould, dehydration and heatstrokes, especially in Summer. 


Take control of the temperature and air flow to suit your preference. Take control of how your home feels.


Want to turn your system on before you get out of bed? With a simple touch on your phone or controller, you can make your home feel comfortable in no time.


Worried Air Conditioning might cramp your interior style? Air Conditioning has become a popular demand for giving homes that modern, stylish and simplistic touch. We have white, sleek systems for you to choose from.