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Cooling for Large Spaces

Low Cost Cooling and Fresh Air Ventilation for Large Spaces is now a Reality with Evaporative Cooling.

Whether you need a fully integrated, cooling, ventilation and extract system or merely some critical “spot cooling”, the difference a change in your environment can make will surely add to your bottom line.

We have been designing and installing systems to manage the air in large workspaces for more than 15 years and now have our own range of EcoFresh Coolers.

The heat generated in today’s industrial and commercial buildings can quickly become unbearable when ambient temperatures increase coupled with manufacturing processes as well as smoke and fumes. There’s also a growing need for cost effective and ecologically friendly cooling of large workspaces.

These systems are substantially more efficient than pure ventilation and EcoFresh can be the most cost effective method of providing a more ideal production environment and comfortable workplace conditions

Just Look at Some of The Benefits:

  1. Low capital cost.

  2. Low running cost.

  3. Quick and versatile installation.

  4. Effective even with open doors and windows.

  5. Environmentally friendly solution.

  6. Ability to cool areas other air conditioners can’t reach.

  7. Easy and Low Cost maintenance.

  8. Deals with smoke and fumes.

  9. Provides clean, fresh air.

  10. Cost effective solution for ventilation.


How Do They Work?

Nature's most efficient means of cooling is through the evaporation of water. A simple example is the cooling you feel when stepping out of a swimming pool- the water evaporates quickly from your body, taking heat with it.

Our coolers do essentially the same thing by drawing hot air through wetted Heat Exchange pads. As water evaporates from the pads, it takes heat from the air with it, resulting in cooler air being discharged from the cooler.

How Good Are They?

An EcoFresh cooler will always deliver air cooler than 23 deg C even on the hottest day and always lower than ambient temperature. In addition, the constant air movement created by the system lowers the temperature perceived by room occupants – called the “effective temperature” – by an additional 4 - 6 deg C below the “evaporative cooled temperatures”, maintaining operator comfort.

Are They Safe?

Absolutely! Potentially dangerous organisms don’t present a risk as the water in an evaporative cooler circulates at a naturally cool temperature. Unique process controls prevent stagnation and there is no risk of Legionella as water particles are not created in the process.

Where Have They Been Installed?

There are hundreds of systems installed now since we started 20 years ago. Some of the many sites include; food manufacturers, garden centres, tool plants, plastic moulding factories, gymnasiums, bakeries, printers, schools, laundries, showrooms, workshops, function halls and many more … They are perfect for Comfort applications as well as process and machine cooling, including Compressor Housing Rooms, where the cooler, more dense air creates operational benefits too.

What Do They Cost?

A single mid-range unit providing almost 40kW of cooling could be installed for less than £6,000 – suitable for an area up to 275 sq. m. and running costs are very low compared to other forms of cooling, typically saving 90%.

We offer the most extensive range of coolers on the market and are able to ensure that the equipment is correctly matched to your requirements.

Leasing is available on our Evaporative Cooling systems, more more information click here

What About Some of Those Benefits Again?

  • An evaporative cooler consumes only 1/10th of the electrical energy required to operate a comparable refrigerated system. This means savings of up to 90% of cooling costs off the electric bill!

  • With evaporative cooling, a complete air change occurs every 1-3 minute’s.

  • Constant cool air movement pushes heat out - along with stale air, smoke, odours and pollution.

  • Evaporative cooling helps maintain natural humidity levels – a potentially added bonus for many manufacturing processes.


We offer the most comprehensive and fully supported range of evaporative coolers available in Europe today.

Keeping It Simple

Because we have been installing these systems for as long as we have, we’ve developed a flexible process that allows a smooth course of action from enquiry to commissioning.

If your production deadlines are suffering because your manufacturing process is producing excess heat, or your function room is overheating, talk to us about EcoFresh Evaporative Cooling and Fresh Air Systems.

We offer free site survey and written quotations.

How may we help you?

If you would like to discover if Evaporative Cooling is right for you, call us on 01795 390190 and we will be pleased to assist you. We offer free advice, free design service and quotations…. Why not give us a call?

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