Factors that impact on the price of Air Conditioning

If you have been getting quotes for air conditioning, you will have worked out that prices can vary from Installer to Installer. There are a number of factors that can impact on the price you pay for your air conditioning, let's explore some of the most common factors.....

  1. Experience and type of Installer

  2. Size of Room

  3. Heat Loads including people and equipment

  4. Brand of Equipment

  5. Choice of Type / Style

  6. Distance between indoor and Outdoor Units

  7. Difficulty of Installation

  8. Concealment / Containment of services

HVAC Pricing Calculations

First, the experience and type of Installer will be an important factor when choosing who to purchase you new system from. There are some excellent "one man and a van" types in the marketplace, however, with Manufacturers now giving extended warranties up to 10 years, it's important to choose somebody who can give you the ongoing back up and support required to support your system over those years. Extended warranties are always dependent on proof of regular maintenance having been carried out and all Manufacturers are very strict in applying this clause.


Experience is also important, in particular in sizing and designing your project. Get things wrong at design stage and you will be buying an expensive problem, so make sure that your Installer has the ability and technology to provide a suitable design. You will pay a small premium by employing a Company with a Design Team and a Team of qualified Engineers, however, you will ensure that your system can be supported long term.

It is important to make sure that your installer is Certified to handle refrigerants, so look for Refcom or FGas Register in their certifications.

Next, the selection of the equipment should be based on heat load calculations which determine how much cooling capacity is required. Get this bit wrong and it could be  very expensive. It's also worth noting that over sized equipment is going to cost you more in energy and may cause problems depending on application.

Once the heat load is known, the next variable will be the selection of Equipment. Prices vary depending on Manufacturer and also the type and style of system required.

We recommend choosing a branded system from a quality manufacturer as these tend to give better service and have longer warranty periods. Brands such as Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Samsung and Panasonic are all well know and reliable brands. A relative newcomer to the U.K., is Midea. Midea are actually one of the largest manufacturers of Air Conditioning and their entry in the U.K. Market has been aggressive, leading to extremely good value for money.

We would not recommend "self install" type systems as many of them now contain combustible gases such as propane and really should only be fitted by trained personnel, likewise there are some vendors who are selling systems containing regulated "F"  Gases, which must be installed by a certified FGas Installer. It should not be possible to purchase the equipment without producing Certification, so beware anyone selling systems with gases such as R407C and R410A direct to customer. Also, avoid unbranded bargains from China, often found on eBay, as you will have problems with warranties, spare parts and they generally only last for a couple of years.

Air Conditioning represents a significant investment, so you would be well advised to purchase the best you can afford within your budget. Finance options may be available and most Installers are able to accept credit cards so that you can spread the cost.

The next consideration is the is the type of equipment, for example Wall Mounted, Concealed, Ceiling Cassette, Floor Mounted. Wall Mounted systems are almost always the most cost effective solution and concealed tend to be the most expensive types. However, it s important that you select the correct style for your application. Room size, shape and and occupancy levels all impact on the correct style, so an experienced Project Designer should be able to advise the best selection for you.

Distance between the indoor and outdoor parts of the system and the route required to install the refrigerant pipework and other services will be the things which have the greatest impact on the installation cost. Refrigerant grade pipework is required, it is higher grade and rated for higher pressure that the type of copper used for plumbing and high grade insulation ensure efficient running. The Project Designer should look for the most efficient route for the pipework, taking into account visual impact and other services, aiming to minimise cost whilst maintain the effectiveness of the system.

We hope the above will help you to understand what determines the installed price for your new system. We offer a free survey and design service and we guarantee our designs to give you the comfort that the system will perform to your expectations. So, why not take the guess work out of it and book a consultation with one of our Project Designers today.