How Will I Know If My Repairs Are Carried Out Safely And Effectively?

Are you worried your Air Con fault won't be repaired correctly? 


We have listed all things your Engineer must carry out to ensure repairs are done correctly. Air Conditioning is an investment, so it’s important the correct work is carried out to extend lifespan, effectiveness and quality of your system.  


The No.1 thing your Engineer must provide is TRUST! You can’t let any Engineer repair your Air Conditioning system if you don’t trust them or their work.  


  • Make sure repairs are carried out by fully qualified Engineers 

  • Follow F-Gas regulations  

  • Carries out the job safely and in a professional manor 

  • Wears the correct PPE 

  • Keeps their workspace tidy 

  • Reports the job correctly 

  • Provides you with the correct quotation price, including VAT to avoid nasty surprises 

  • Attends the job on time and carries out the job in the required timeframe unless further work is required 

  • Provides updates on any issue’s that arise and answers all questions asked  

  • Doesn’t work around environmental hazards  


Once your Air Con repair has been carried out and you have an understanding on the fault, your Air Conditioning should be up and running effectively. In the future, you can prevent faults when your annual maintenance is carried out. This reduces repair costs; call outs and keeps your system running effectively without any stress.  


Air Conditioning maintenance is like getting MOT for a car, you need to get it done to ensure your car is running safely with no faults.  


With a maintenance plan, you can be guaranteed all future call outs are carried out by Engineers you TRUST while saving you money on future repairs.