Air Conditioning in Kent 

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Air Conditioning For Your Living Room

Give your living room comfort all year round. From winter to summer, your home enjoys the benefit of regulated fresh air at your chosen desired temperature. With a simple touch, you' take control of your home, even on the hottest or coldest day. 

With just a day reserved for installation, you get to enjoy 365 days stress-free in comfort every year. 

From the process of contacting us to enjoying your system, you receive ongoing support from your local Air Con Experts. 

We guarantee to delivery satisfaction and value to every single one of our customers. If a customer is unsatisfied, we ALWAYS put it right. 

Modern Bedroom

Air Conditioning For Your Bedroom

With bedroom Air Conditioning, you'll never have a sleepless night again. The 'sleep mode' means you get to enjoy an undisturbed night sleep without opening the windows. 

You get to enjoy a good night sleep on the hottest or coldest day. 

Bedroom Air Conditioning is our highest demand, especially in the summer. Every customer that has bedroom Air Conditioning installed by our Air Con Experts, never regrets their purchase.

Give yourself a good night sleep you deserve.

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Air Conditioning For Your Conservatory

Make your conservatory a comfortable place to be all year round.


We understand when it's a hot sunny day or a cold morning, your conservatory is the last place you want to be. 

With Air Conditioning, this won't be the case. With a simple touch, you control the temperature of your conservatory no matter the weather. 

We guarantee you comfort all year round with ongoing support.

Don't shut your conservatory off, with just one payment you can make use of it everyday. 

Air Conditioning For Your Home Office

We understand when working from home it can be difficult to stay productive, especially when your desk is in the hottest or coldest room.

Harvard research shows that indoor air quality can have an impact on productivity levels. When a room has controlled, regulated fresh air, it improves your work performance and productivity. 

Feel more comfortable and productive at home with Air Conditioning. 

You get to control  how you want your office to feel. With a simple touch, watch your productivity levels increase. 

Worried about a noisy system while working? Air Conditioning has a 'quiet mode' allowing you to work undisturbed

Air Conditioning For Your Whole House

Enjoy every room in your home all year round, right from summer to the winter, stress free. 

With a simple touch on your mobile app or remote, you can take control of every room with a temperature of your choice. 

Enjoy any temperature, a breeze of fresh air and a good night sleep while preventing insects and mould in your home. 

Our Air Con Experts have been installing Air Conditioning in over 100+ homes for longer than 30+ years. 

Invest in your home the SMART way.



Want a peaceful night without the windows open in the Summer? The 'sleep' mode will give you the best night sleep you deserve. 


Air Conditioning will take control of your humidity levels. This will reduce mould, dehydration and heatstrokes, especially in Summer. 


Want to turn your system on before you get out of bed? With a simple touch on your phone or controller, you can make your home feel comfortable in no time.


Working from home or have a lot to do? A breeze of fresh air will do the job, making you power through your tasks.


Take control of the temperature and air flow to suit your preference. Take control of how your home feels.


Worried Air Conditioning might cramp your interior style? Air Conditioning has become a popular demand for giving homes that modern, stylish and simplistic touch. We have white, sleek systems for you to choose from.

Our Vision

Our Approach 

Our mission is to reduce carbon, make buildings healthier and to help tackle the climate crisis. 

We are a climate conscious Air Conditioning & Ventilation company based in Kent, with expertise in low carbon, low energy Air Conditioning and Ventilation. With over three decades in the industry we have total commitment to both quality and client satisfaction. Our portfolio spans everything from new-build housing to high-end refurbishments and cutting-edge industrial, commercial, retail spaces, restaurants and bars. 


With 78% of the UK’s carbon emissions coming from its homes and workplaces, it’s time to change the way we build. CEK is committed to designing and installing greener, energy-efficient systems now – healthier workspaces & homes with, better indoor air quality, low-carbon heating and cooling and renewable power sources. 


Developing strong relationships is the key to our success. We work equally closely with investors, designers, architects, housing associations and local authorities, taking an idea and producing results that exceed our clients’ expectations. We’re committed to using the best equipment, installation  methods and materials available within budget. 

Aftercare Service 

Once the job is done we don’t just pack up and disappear – we offer 12 months aftercare warranties  on all our projects.  Our Facilities Management team are on hand to provide reassurance and practical solutions to any issues. We take a ‘right first time’ approach to defects and provide excellent customer care. 


Contact us by giving us a call or filling in your details on our form. Our Sales Engineer will contact you at your preferred date and time. We will then discuss the process of purchasing your system and book you in for a survey. Feel free to ask all your questions. 

From the moment you contact us, you are our No.1 priority.


We will discuss your requirements and collaborate with you to get you the best solution at the best price. You will also receive a quotation and information sheets containing everything you need to know.


Our qualified and experienced Engineers will carry the installation at a date suitable for you. All Engineers are introduced and provide guarantee of a satisfactory service.


This is the fun part. Your system is now installed and you get to experience all the benefits all year round. This is also the part where our maintenance packages will provide you good use. 

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A great investment in your Home

Are you looking to invest in your home in a way that has a great value for money?


With Air Conditioning, your home is guaranteed comfort all year round. With a dedicated Project Designer, you’ll get the latest energy efficient system from leading brands with a minimum of 5 years warranty. All of our installations are carried out by our time served Air Con Experts.


We take our relationship with customers very seriously. We guarantee a high satisfactory service with ongoing support. From the moment you contact us, you are our No.1 priority. Any questions or concerns you have, we will always give you answers. We never leave our customers waiting.


Get your Air Conditioning for your home at a fixed price with no nasty surprises, along with ongoing support at all times.