Installing, Maintaining & Repairing Air Conditioning systems direct to Customers, throughout London, Kent and The South East. All work carried out by Aircon Experts.
All work fully Guaranteed


Air Conditioning for my Workplace or Business

We are able to Design, Install, Maintain and Repair all types of Commercial Air Conditioning systems. Typical applications include but not limited to:

  • Offices

  • Shops

  • Restaurants & Fast Food Outlets

  • Workshops & Manufacturing Facilities

  • Doctors / Dentists / Veterinaries

  • Education / Day Nurseries / Playschools

  • Pubs / Clubs / Halls

  • Hairdressers / Beauty Treatments / Nailbars

  • Residential Care Homes

  • Laboratories

  • Comms / IT / Server Room

Ventilation For Your Workspace
Ventilation for my Home or Workplace

We provide Ventilation for Commercial and Residential applications.

Heat Recovery Ventilation, Steel and Fabric Ductwork, Design and Installation, Fresh Air and Exhaust applications, in fact most types of Air Movement applications.

We are authorised Designers and Installers for EcoFresh Cooling, a 100% Natural way to Cool large workspaces. No Refrigerant Gases and very Low Energy usage.

If you have a project requiring Ventilation, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Air Conditioning For Your Home
Air Conditioning for my Home or Home Office

Residential or Home Air Conditioning systems, although similar to Commercial, require specialist knowledge and skills. We have Teams dedicated to the Residential sector, who understand how working in your Home or Home Office is different to the Commercial sector.

We are able to Design, Install, Maintain and Repair all types of Air Conditioning systems for the Home Owner and Home Office. We take special care to make sure that the system you select is the very best for your own requirements.

A different kind of Air Conditioning Company

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What Our Clients Say


Mr Gunner

Will definitely promote this company as very professional in their attitude to their clients, the two engineers that installed our cellar system were very professional in their work ethics cleaned as they went and left a very tidy installation. Will definitely use this company again.