Why Is My Air Conditioning System Making A Loud Noise?

Is your Air Conditioning making a loud noise?

Nobody wants a loud air conditioning system, and let's admit you never signed up for a noisy air conditioning system!

No one should have to deal with a racket of a system in their home or workspace, especially when you're watching your favourite series or in a meeting.

First of all, don't worry. Your system won't explode on you, it might just be a minor fault.

Turn your system off as soon as your system starts to make a noise. My guess is you already have a noise coming from your system, so please turn it off. You don't have to listen to that racket, plus it will prevent the fault from worsening.

Give an Air Con Expert a call to get your system checked out. You mustn't attempt to fix your system yourself, or it won't just be your system seeing a professional. This can cause the fault to worsen and cause harm to yourself.

As soon as your Air Con guy visits, they will assess your system and identify the fault. Your Air Con guy has probably seen this issue plenty of times so they might have a good indication of what's causing the loud noise.

Once you have a clear understanding of what repairs are needed your Air Con guy will discuss your options and the best solution for you.

Common faults without complications will usually take a few hours to a day to fix. Don't worry, you won't need to cancel your weekly schedule.

Your Air Con guy will explain the process of the repairs, taking you through a step by step process to give you a better understanding.


Common faults include:

  • An issue with your condensing coils

  • An issue with your fan

  • Loose parts

  • Your filters need changing or cleaning

  • A gas leak

Before your air-con guy comes to visit, we recommend you clean your filters to see if this is the issue.

You can carry this out yourself by following our step by step video by our Air Con guy Chris.

If cleaning your filters doesn't solve the problem, have a chat with your Air Con Expert, he will then take the lead to get your system up and running in no time!