How Do I Know If My System Needs Repairing?

Does your Air Conditioning need repairs?

Avoid the dread of having a non-functioning system on the hottest or coldest day. When you take action, you can save money on a hefty repair bill.


Being aware of these signs will give your system a good chance of not escalating into a serious fault.


It's essential to maintain the health of your system and ensure it is working efficiently. Cleaning your filters can prevent ineffective use. You can clean your filters yourself with guidance from our video or seek professional assistance.


The Five common signs your system needs repairing


1) Reduced cycle length

2) Leakage

3) Noise

4) Not cooling or heating properly

5) Odours


If your system is showing the above signs, it's essential to get your system professionally checked. The sooner you get your system checked, the less of a chance of an escalated damage and the sooner your system will be up and running.


Don't ignore the signs, get your system checked out!