Why Isn't My Air Conditioning Working?

Is your Air Conditioning not working?


It's time to get your system booked in with the doctors. Your system has a fault that needs investigating. Your system might not be working due to a minor issue like blocked filters, but it is essential to get assistance when an issue occurs. There will always be a solution to get your system up and running again. Clean your filters by following our step by step video.


Getting this issue looked at before it escalates into a major fault will prevent a mammoth of a repair bill!


Did you know you can prevent future faults with our annual maintenance service? Yes, that's right, you can save yourself money on those mammoth repair bills with just one payment a year! It's similar to a car MOT. Every year you book your car in the garage to make sure everything is running smoothly and get any faults repairs. It also targets any small faults from worsening.


Does your system do the following?


- Doesn't produce the desired temperature

- Makes noise when in use

- Funny smell

- Leakage

- Short-cycling


It's time to get your system checked out.